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HWC 2020 Hot Wheels Mainline Factory-Sealed Set

  • HWC 2020 Hot Wheels Mainline Factory-Sealed Set
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HWC 2020 Hot Wheels Mainline Factory-Sealed Set


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Release Date: 01/26/2021

It takes a lot to make a set this big, and a set this big helps your collection grow by a lot! Do some heavy lifting and pick up our Hot Wheels 2020 Mainline Factory-Sealed Set.

This substantial set includes a whopping 462 total vehicles. Besides all Hot Wheels Mainline vehicles released in 2020 (All 30 Mini Collections, which includes 50 New Models, 15 Treasure Hunts, 15 Super Treasure Hunts, 8 Hot Wheels iD Chase Cars, ZAMACs, Target Red Editions, Retail-specific variations, and all of our recolors), it features 7 promotional Collector Editions from the year. Fill out your collection!

  • 50 New Models
  • 15 Treasure Hunts
  • 15 Super Treasure Hunts
  • 8 Hot Wheels iD Chase Cars
  • Target Red Editions
  • Walmart ZAMAC Editions
  • Dollar General Exclusive color variations
  • GameStop Exclusive color variations
  • Kroger Exclusive color variations
  • Target Exclusive color variations
  • Walgreens Exclusive color variations
  • Mainline color variations
  • 7 Hot Wheels Collector Editions


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  • Packaged in a decorative display box with smaller cartons inside
  • Each set features an individually numbered sticker (xxx/1,000)


Production cars may vary from the photos shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations, scale, body, and wheel type. Subject to product availability.


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