1:64 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck

  • 1:64 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck

1:64 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck


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Can’t wait to test drive your Cybertruck? Well, you’re in luck! Hot Wheels® has taken the power and performance of the groundbreaking Cybertruck and put it in the palm of your hand. Literally. The 1:64 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck, with its science fiction-inspired silhouette, can race on or off iconic Hot Wheels® orange track. And for the daredevils out there, kick it into Sport speed mode to send it through a classic Hot Wheels® track loop. Look, we don’t know if it’s “literally bulletproof” like it’s life-size inspiration, but we can guarantee that it is “literally awesome!”


  • The 3-inch, radio-control Cybertruck combines the modern Tesla design with the iconic Hot Wheels® size.
  • Race on Hot Wheels® track – on a horizontal track race or take it vertical on a classic Hot Wheels® track loop. I mean, we’re Hot Wheels®, after all.
  • Key features include two-wheel drive with both Chill or Sport speed to reach up to 500mph scale speed and recharging from controller. You’re welcome.


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